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WHY CHOOSE US.We are the Multicultural market

Based in Southern California, we are a cross-cultural marketing and promotions agency fully integrated by first and second-generation Americans. With over 30 years of experience in the Multicultural market, we thrive to create hand-crafted marketing strategies based on client's needs.


OUR EXPERIENCE.30 years experience

We have over 30 years of experience working in the Multicultural Market. We differentiate ourselves as being the first professional marketing agency in Southern California to focus exclusively on targeting the Hispanic Market, working with such clients as Goya Foods, Maseca and Avocados from Mexico. We also pride ourselves on being the bridge between different cultural markets as seen through our work with Meiji America, Chobani, and Yakult. We offer a high level of professionalism and customer service that is unparalleled.


OUR PHILOSOPHY.Honesty, Integrity and Authenticity

We are committed, motivated and tenacious. We make it a point to get smart about our clients’ brand and what it stands for. We thrive on understanding our clients’ objectives and creating the appropriate marketing program. We provide our people with a rewarding career focused on respect, growth and fun. Therefore, you will see a strong wave of new ideas, incomparable efforts and outstanding results.

40% of the U.S. population profile is multicultural
Pew Research Center predicts that the Millennial generation is expected to grow to 73 million by 2019, becoming the largest generation in the U.S.
According to Forbes, by 2042 no single ethnic group will be a majority
$3.8 trillon
By 2017, in the U.S. alone, multicultural markets will have $3.8 trillion in buying power

Our Team

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Ilyana Benson

Ilyana Benson

Born in Mexico, Ilyana graduated with a BA in Foreign Trade and later earned her Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. She founded NeoSol in 2005 with the desire to offer the best and most professional Marketing services within the Hispanic Market. And today, she continues to find ways of improving our services to meet the needs of our customers and the market.
Margarita Breton-Reyes

Margarita Breton-Reyes

Administration and HR Director
Born in Colombia, Margarita originally studied Special Education but later pursued a career in Human Resources which is what she currently manages at NeoSol in addition to managing the Administrative department. Margarita loves listening to and dancing to Latin music when she can.
Agustina Francia

Agustina Francia

Account Coordinator
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Agustina graduated with a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising. As an Account Coordinator, Agustina is determined to go above and beyond to ensure that each project is executed successfully. She loves spending time with her family and discovering new books to read.
Lady Rodriguez

Lady Rodriguez

Administrative Assistant
Lady was born in Bogota, Colombia. As a certified Administrative Assistant, Lady supports our Accounting activities by capturing data, generating reports and processing payments. A fun fact about Lady is her fascination for unique earrings. She's collected over 115 pairs!
Dora Alvarado

Dora Alvarado

Administrative Assistant
Dora manages our office and believes in greeting every visitor with a big smile and warm welcome. Dora holds a degree in Industrial and Business Administration. Some of her favorite things include watching soccer and enjoying some fresh baked goods.
Maria Ruiz

Maria Ruiz

Team Leader
Born in Nayarit, Mexico, Maria has an extensive background in the Retail Industry, having worked as a Brand Ambassador and Merchandiser for many years. At NeoSol, Maria is responsible for the daily supervision of promotional activities in the area of Los Angeles. Maria has a great sense of humor and positive attitude that is sure to cheer you up.
Juliana Moreno

Juliana Moreno

Team Leader
Born in Mexico City, Juliana joined NeoSol's team in 2008 as a demonstrator. Showing great leadership capabilities, she became the Arizona's Team Leader. She also oversees all projects for our clients in her area such as events, food sampling or merchandising.
María de Jesús Silva

María de Jesús Silva

Team Leader
Maria joined Neosol in 2011. She has a degree in Tourism and Information Management and has experience working in logistics, purchasing and administration. Maria manages the NeoSol team in Las Vegas.

"We believe in utilizing a combination of Strategic and Tactical solutions in order to create a fully integrated marketing plan that can deliver the results you want and need.” Ilyana Benson, CEO


Let's find a strategy that works for you!

Strategic Market Research Support

The first step in developing a successful marketing strategy is to understand the product, brand or company we are working with. Therefore, we offer a variety of market research services that provide clients and ourselves a deeper analysis of the general market environment.

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  • Focus on Trade Area with ability to conduct controlled and detailed research on-site
  • Brand ambassador integration
  • Organic Customer Feedback
  • Questionnaire Feedback
  • Menu Suggestions
  • In depth product research
  • Social Focus groups
  • In Depth Interviews
  • Large Scale Data and Market share mining
  • Analytics and forecasting
  • Data Collection Capabilities
  • On-Site Intercepts
  • Phone Interviews
  • Social Media
  • Traditional Formats
  • Market Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Programs
  • Digital Audio
  • High Speed WiFi
  • DVD/Digital Video
  • Plasma/LCD TV's



  • On-Site Demonstrations
  • Brand Ambassadors to gather feedback on new products, service, or LTO ideas
  • Capability to integrate social elements into retail promotions
  • Customized in-store campaigns for LTO’s, temporary or seasonal promotions as needed


Integrated Marketing

Through the use of our Integrative Digital Marketing model, we can create a custom Digital strategy based on your objectives and goals in the market. Digital Marketing allows you the flexibility of reaching a large or very small targeted audience at the right place and at the right time which promotes higher conversion rates. Our flexible digital platforms include mobile and online tools to help you grow your customer base.

  • Create New Brand Campaigns
  • Paid Search (PPC) Advertising
  • Aggressive Street Teams
  • Grassroots Brand Awareness Programs via Organic Community outreach events
  • Social Media Marketing-Weekly posting on the platforms that benefit you
  • Content Marketing-Creating content that speaks to your brand
  • Collaborative Campaigns-Multiple Brands that make sense to co-promote and convert
  • Funnel Up Programs


Retail Marketing

Retail Marketing is the process of promoting awareness and interest of goods and services in an effort to generate sales. There are many different approaches and strategies that can be applied to your marketing plan.

  • Merchandising Execution: POP/POS Development, Design, Delivery and Installation coordination
  • Merchandising
  • Capability to integrate organic social media elements into promotions
  • Customized in-store campaigns for temporary or seasonal promotions as needed
  • Storage, Distribution and Promo Kit Fulfillment


Fairs & Events

Event marketing strategies are key to securing quality one-on-one interactions with consumers in order to generate a lasting brand-focused impression. These interactions and experiences help develop long-term relationships between consumer and brand.

  • Large Scale Fairs Support
  • Event/Consumer Shows Support and Execution
  • Street Fairs and Festivals Support
  • Grand Openings/Product Launch
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Radio Remotes
  • Pop-up shop design and delivery
  • Bilingual Brand Ambassadors & Spokesmodels Agency Access


Convention & Expos

  • Convention/Expo Execution
  • Street Fairs and Festivals Support
  • Convention/Expo Support
  • Industry Trade Shows
  • Coordinate on-site Marketing
  • Sponsorship support


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