Creating Your Own Campaign with Integrated Strategies

It is said that every snowflake formed during the winter has its own unique pattern of crystallization. Being that we are a marketing agency located in California, we’ll admit: we don’t know much about snowflakes. However, we do know something about the beauty of diversity in marketing campaigns.

Market Research: Researching the Tough Topics

Politics. It’s a tough topic for everyone, especially now in the United States of America. However, when Lord Ashcroft of Lord Ashcroft Polls needed some more insight regarding the current political climate of the U.S., NeoSol was armed and ready with the focus group resources to make his desired market research happen.

New Client Spotlight: Chobani

We are very happy to announce that Chobani, the America's number one Greek Yogurt, is now a part of our incredible list of clients and partners.

Big Events with Yakult

Over the summer, we represented Yakult at two of the biggest events in the Southwest: The Ultimate Women’s Expo, the largest women’s expo in the United States of America hosted in Phoenix and Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Comic Con, one of the biggest comic conventions in the world!

Hitting the Streets of Texas & California with Electrolit

We are proud to have been part of another successful Street Marketing Campaign for Electrolit! With an impressive campaign that was extended throughout major cities and events in Texas and California, the NeoSol Street Team educated consumers about the hydrating properties of Electrolit.