“Kids and Grown Ups Love It So . . .

The Happy World of Haribo!” The infamous jingle has made it’s way to NeoSol as we work with our newest Client: Haribo!

CEO Spotlight: Human Connection in Marketing

Reflecting on the Frontline News Story, Crossing the Bridge into New Markets: How to get into a New Market? [hyperlink blog post], I couldn’t help but think of my personal experience in my previous life in the Electronics industry some years back . . .

Digital Marketing Vs. Shopper Marketing: What’s Going to Give You the Most Bank for Your Buck?

Spring. The definition itself is explained as “mov[ing] or jump[ing] rapidly forward or upward.” So, it’s only fitting that we discuss the importance of growth. While most companies utilize the digital frontier to grow their brand, digital efforts don’t always convert into ROI. Unless, of course, you pair it with tangible experiences.

Got Guac?

Humans will do anything for avocados; so, when Avocados From Mexico released their SuperBowl LIII campaign centering around an alternate universe where humans and dogs switch ownership roles, it only made sense. Now pair that with our in-store merchandising services inside some of the country’s largest supermarket chains including but not limited to Northgate, La Bonita, and Food City Markets for their GuacNation Campaign, and you have a recipe for success!

Everything’s Bigger in Texas . . .

Especially their celebrations; as we found out when promoting Pollo Campero at the annual Day 1 Dallas event! A perfect match for Pollo Campero’s big bold flavor, Day 1 Dallas kicks off the year on the first day with family fun including but not limited to games, arts & crafts, live performances, and brilliant fireworks.