CEO Spotlight: Social Consciousness in 2020

Reflecting on the start of a new year, more specifically the significance of the year 2020, there is much to celebrate. For one: it is an election year, which provides the people of the nation the opportunity to help construct the future of this country. However, what’s more notable to me lately is the heightened sense of social consciousness that has permeated world over, more specifically the United States, over this decade.

CEO Spotlight: The Marketing Evolution

Change and evolution are part of life and they’re not the same. Change is simply becoming or making something different. Evolution is the gradual process of accumulating change. Therefore, the latter is more advanced or complex.

CEO Spotlight: Human Connection in Marketing

Reflecting on the Frontline News Story, Crossing the Bridge into New Markets: How to get into a New Market? [hyperlink blog post], I couldn’t help but think of my personal experience in my previous life in the Electronics industry some years back . . .

CEO Spotlight: Mix, Match and Keep on Mixing

We are on the verge of our one-year anniversary of our new tag line “Handcrafted Marketing Solutions” and more than anything it’s meaningful to the way we conduct business and how we approach our client’s requests. Our meaning of handcrafted evolves around the idea of uniqueness and skilled, special care in the creation of a proposal, campaign or promotion. Although the concept is simple and straightforward, the implementation and execution are not, and that’s the goal.