Keep Yakult Delicious . . .

Or was it Keep Portland Weird? Regardless, our teams in the Pacific Northwest kept the whole region weird and delicious with in-store demonstrations for Yakult.

Hidden Villa Ranch: A Royal Entrance!

We would also like to introduce newcomer, Hidden Villa Ranch, to the NeoSol family! Home to Sunshine Egg Products, Hidden Villa Ranch came to NeoSol with the goal to expand market share into the Hispanic market through demonstrations at popular Southern California market chain, Super King.

Milkita: new client spotlight

We are happy to announce that Milkita, the Indonesian candy company, is now a part of our incredible client list. In order to strengthen brand awareness and boost sales in the Asian and Hispanic markets, our demonstrator team executed in-store samplings at well-known stores such as Daiso, Northgate, Cardenas and Super King Markets. Our team of dedicated demonstrators promoted Milkita’s delicious Creamy Shake Candy, and as always, in-store product sampling was the best way to introduce the Milkita’s candies to consumers. What better way to educate consumers on the delicious flavors of Milkita’s Creamy Shake Candy than to try it for themselves!.

New Client Spotlight: Alove

Alove, a Japanese style yogurt with aloe vera, is introducing itself locally with product demonstrations in local Hispanic grocery stores. Demonstrators are trained to highlight the health benefits of aloe appealing to the interest of consumers to choose something good and health for their family.

V&V Supremo: demonstrations at Mi Pueblo Grocerys

Demonstrators at Mi Pueblo grocery stores offered quesadilla samplings featuring V & V Supremo Cheese. 50 years after their inception, Supremo products continue with the commitment to quality, consistency and tradition that their founders handed down. To quote Gilberto Villaseñor II: “Because we are proud of our products, we guarantee the quality with our name. That’s why the V and V of the Villaseñors is on the package of every one of our products.”