Omnichannel Marketing: What is it and How Does it Work?

New life is omnipresent lately. From the growth of colorful gardens in the change of season to Spring right down to the way we are currently working and living in the time of COVID-19 (you didn’t think we’d mention change without mentioning the Corona Virus, did you?). Although daunting, the new life we are living as a society under quarantine has its advantages for many industries, including marketing. One such advantage is . . .

El Mundo Esta Cambiando: Is Your Brand Ready?

If we took a step in time, we would go about our daily routine of going into the office or job site, meeting with clients and colleagues, going to the gym post-work before then walking into a fully stocked supermarket for weekly groceries. However, today, most of working America wil hop online and stay there as they work from home, complete virtual workouts and order their groceries online. Although many CPG brands feel caught in a whirlwind through this global transition into the digital space . . .

Tis’ the Season of Maseca

As we celebrated the holidays this year, Maseca continues to be a must on the Christmas shopping list among Latinos everywhere. From Salvadorean Pupusas to Mexican Tamales and everything in between, the brand has been trusted to deliver all delicacies with maiz.

On The Road Again . . .

Del Real can’t wait to get on the road again. For the second time this season, Del Real showcased their traditional, ready-to-eat Mexican cuisine at the infamous Costco Roadshow in the Pacific Northwest.

ISSA Show with Dove Soap

Home to so many of the nation’s most celebrated and iconic resorts and hotels, the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) Show took place in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada to showcase some of the world’s emerging cleaning products. Among them, Unilever’s Dove Soap launched its latest product, Dove Gallons, in true Vegas style.