How to Make Your Brand’s Vision Clear in the New Year: The Top 2020 Marketing Trends

Don’t you hate when people ask you what’s going to happen this year in marketing, as if you have 2020 vision? Budum-Ksh . . . All joking aside, 2020 has been deemed the year of clarity by many including spiritual gurus and marketers alike. As a marketing agency, we know that having a clear vision is key to creating a clear, holistic marketing strategy that incorporates all aspects of marketing from digital content to personal experience.

CEO Spotlight: Social Consciousness in 2020

Reflecting on the start of a new year, more specifically the significance of the year 2020, there is much to celebrate. For one: it is an election year, which provides the people of the nation the opportunity to help construct the future of this country. However, what’s more notable to me lately is the heightened sense of social consciousness that has permeated world over, more specifically the United States, over this decade.