"Buy Us Some Peanuts and Yakult!"

Yakult is back at the “old ball game” once again with the Anaheim Angels in sunny California! During our last newsletter, Yakult practiced alongside the Angel’s Baseball team by handing out samples at the Spring Training Games. This time, we’re ready for the big leagues, as our team of brand ambassadors will be handing out, not only Yakult samples, but also info sheets to all baseball lovers right before the Angel’s home games.

Just like our beloved Angel’s, our team of brand ambassadors have trained all year at various events and trained even harder during the Spring Training Games alongside the Angels and the infamous Yakult Man. Similar to last year, our brand ambassadors will be handing out smiles and samples of Yakult to the masses as they enter the Angel’s Stadium. Considering baseball is the ultimate American pastime, the Japanese brand couldn’t have chosen a more perfect series of events to appeal to the American consumer. Now pair that with our brand ambassadors teaching baseball lover the health benefits of Yakult, and you’ve got an event marketing home run!

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