CEO Spotlight: When Strategy Meets Execution

Reflecting on Spring as the beginning of new life and movement while simultaneously preparing for the busy event season with proposals and budget analyses, I realize that the most difficult decision for our clients comes when choosing between budget and the effectiveness of the activation. I guess it’s easier to decide when watching the game from the sidelines versus when you’re on the field. Our perspective, as self-described “sideline experts,” allows us to work with our clients to plan strategic campaign proposals that are custom tailored to fit their needs.

We always find we get the best turn out when the brand strategy and campaign objectives are clearly set and understood from the beginning by client and understood by us as an agency. Our job is to present a good proposal considering all elements, including budget, strategy, and objectives. If any of those change, the proposal needs to adjust accordingly. When either of those 3 elements are not clear, the proposal will not produce the expected results.

Many would consider the process daunting. Afterall, it’s the human condition to ponder success versus cost quite often with thoughts like: “What if the idea doesn’t work?”; “What if I lose my job?”; “What if my boss thinks I’m an idiot?” However, out of all the questions, the most important is: “How can I be faster and better than my competitor?”

We pride ourselves on our helpful suggestions, constantly bouncing ideas off of each client in order to get the juices flowing like a team. In fact, instead of benching us, take advantage of our knowledge harnessed by years of going through the same process over and over again. Keep in mind: not every idea will be perfect at first for perfection is not in the strategy, but in the execution. In fact, common wisdom suggests that as long as the execution was flawless, fast, and efficient, then the campaign was a success!

So, by all means, have fun with your ideas and your job, and let us figure out your campaign strategy and execution. We’ll show off your brand and products so that you rest assured success is yours.

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