Everything’s Bigger in Texas . . .

Especially their celebrations; as we found out when promoting Pollo Campero at the annual Day 1 Dallas event! A perfect match for Pollo Campero’s big bold flavor, Day 1 Dallas kicks off the year on the first day with family fun including but not limited to games, arts & crafts, live performances, and brilliant fireworks. Before the festivities began, our Texan brand ambassadors set up tables of delicious Pollo Campero and sides to serve all in attendance. As soon as the event started, lines of hungry attendees started the first day of 2019 with a full belly and a full heart as proceeds went to Vogel Alcove, a charity that helps children recover from the traumas of being homeless.

Thanks to our amazing brand ambassadors, not only was Pollo Campero served throughout the event, but so were an abundance of smiles that would make Pollito proud. Despite being the first time Pollo Campero sponsored this annual event, with the help of our team, plenty of new fans were made before the night ended with fireworks set to the music of the Avengers. Nothing is too big for our team!

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