Hidden Villa Ranch: A Royal Entrance!

We would also like to introduce newcomer, Hidden Villa Ranch, to the NeoSol family! Home to Sunshine Egg Products, Hidden Villa Ranch came to NeoSol with the goal to expand market share into the Hispanic market through demonstrations at popular Southern California market chain, Super King. To achieve this, we were able to procure in-store demonstrations of Sunshine Egg Products, including their Egg White Product, at all 7 Super King locations.

Our Demonstrators were sent throughout the Southern California region to showcase Sunshine Egg Product’s easy-to-use nature via breakfast food favorite: chorizo and eggs. We also trained each demonstrator to discuss the product’s facility and wholesomeness in their demonstration, which they did while passing out tasting samples that looked good and tasted even better. We even rolled out the red table cloth and adorned each table with a handcrafted advertisement per the product’s messaging, only the best for our clients!

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