Hitting it out of the park with Yakult!

Baseball season has officially begun and with that so has Yakult’s annual Angel’s Spring Training events! We are back with our longtime client, Yakult, who has participated in the Angel’s Spring Training before, where their delicious probiotic drink will be handed out to Angel’s fans of all ages throughout the season as they enter the stadium. Our wonderful brand ambassadors will not only come with the gift of health, but also with the gift of positivity as they happily spread interact with Yakult and Angel’s fans alike.

Before each date, our team of brand ambassadors procure an eye-catching display of Yakult tents and tables at the entrance of the stadium before handing out the infamous little red-capped drink. As the training continues, our team educates fans of different cultural backgrounds on the benefits of incorporating Yakult in their daily routine. Our team even manages to book high profile hosts like Yakult-man to visit the Angel’s Spring Training season. Only the best for our clients and their consumers!

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