Palacios and their Cinematic Debut!

We are proud to introduce our latest client, Palacios, whose all-natural Spanish chorizo is already gaining popularity in Los Angeles after our event at the Spanish Film Festival in Hollywood, CA. Host to over 550 movie lovers and critics alike, attendees gathered at the Egyptian theater to revel in cinematic art and authentic Spanish cuisine at our table display. As the night commenced, our brand ambassador offered foodies and movie-goers a taste of Spain with several chorizo options while discussing recipes and other purchasing products.

Prior to the event, we set up the display table with absolute precision; showcasing Palacios naturally seasoned chorizo along with an assortment of other products, to provide our guests a fully immersive experience. Our table display highlighted the product perfectly as taste testers flocked the scene and proclaimed: “Wow! I love the flavor of this chorizo!”

Our brand ambassador continued interacting with all guests into the wee hours of the morning in true Spanish fashion, as the event ended at midnight. Despite being our first event with Palacios, our brand ambassador was able to truly transport taste testers to the La Rioja region of Spain with our culturally immersive display. 

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